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Whole-Part-Whole Teaching Method

This teaching method is a good way to teach complex skills that are comprised of a number of smaller movements or skills that can be taught separately.

STEP ONE – Demonstrate the Whole Skill

  • Demonstration of the whole skill will provide the players with an idea of what the completed skill should look like.
  • An explanation should outline some key points of the skill and when/where the skill would be used in a game.
  • Demonstration should be of high quality so the use of a skilled performer is recommended.


STEP TWO – Teach Separate Parts

  • It is recommended that the parts be taught sequentially (in the order that they will be performed when the complete skill is performed.)
  • The D.E.P.E. teaching method can be used to teach the separate parts of the skill where appropriate.
  • The separate parts of the skill can be gradually linked to create larger parts in an effort to move closer towards completion of the complete skill.


STEP THREE – Practice the Whole Skill

  • Eventually the parts can be joined to allow for practice of the complete skill.
  • Errors in skill performance can often be corrected by identifying the separate part of the skill where the error is occurring and practicing only that part, before practicing the complete skill again.
  • Remember that it is important to practice skills in conditions similar to the game. This can be achieved by gradually adding ‘parameters’ that make practice more game-specific.
  • Concurrent feedback can be provided during skill practice.