Mini League

D.E.P.E. Teaching Method

We have come up with this simple, but very effective training session template for Mini, Mod & Junior International Coaches to use when planning thier training sessions.

This template was trialled at various junior league clubs across the country, and the feedback we received from coaches and kids involved has been extremely positive.

It goes a little something like this…

1. Choose a skill to focus on for the session. (i.e.Passing, Tackling, Kicking etc.)
2. Let the kids play a game of Rugby League (Tackle or Touch, you decide)
3. Indroduce the skill in a closed drill (no defenders, and limited pressure on the players)
4. Allow them to practice in an open drill (with defenders and more pressure)
5. Allow them to practice the skill in a Skill Biased Game. This is a game of Rugby League where you can modify the rules to encourage the use of that particular skill.